In the spring of 2018 we acquired a beautiful 500-hectare farm. By then, we had realised the lack of a supply chain, when it came to a quality supply of raw materials in the restaurant business at least. This started the idea of having our own farm to produce the majority of what would eventually go into the tables of 14Horses. 

Our farm is located one hour’s drive from Vilnius. The pick of location was important as we are aiming to avoid a negative environmental impact as much as possible in our daily routines. 

The philosophy on which our farm was build is not only going organic. We believe sustainability is equal to responsibility in all our actions. Working with nature, not against is key to our operations.

Our kitchen is constantly working with the changed of the season and our foraging happens in the farm as well.

When sowing our first vegetable seeds, last spring, we picked the spot that had been untouched, by anything than horses, for nearly 14 years. 

Since then, a lot of beautiful ladies has made the farm their home. We currently have around 140 grass feed angus cows.

Hens also moved in and so the journey towards self-sufficiency continues. Every day we are a step closer to our dream.

The farm will be open to the public and serve touristic as well as educational purposes, and what’s better for ensuring transparency than being ‘inspected and approved by consumers’ on location?

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